Meet Liz: Nursing Mom Transformation

Nursing Mom Transformation


Liz lost her weight on our nursing mothers program. I never tire of seeing people’s transformations!

Here’s her story: “Last year at my husband’s work Christmas party, I was self-conscious and chubby. This year I feel so comfortable and confident. I NEVER want to lose this feeling. I will not jeopardize how great I feel for a few minutes of pleasure from eating junk again! Victory!”

Liz: Comfortable and Confident!

Liz: Comfortable and Confident!

I never tire of hearing these stories. It isn’t easy to conquer our own personal health journey, but it is easier when we don’t take it on alone. I am here to be your first line of support as your personal health coach. We also help you create a community of health minded individuals around you. One of the best ways to do that is on a team with your friends and family.

Don’t forget the Thin It to Win It Challenge launches September 15th and runs for 6 weeks! This is a great opportunity to compete and build your community of support. Call me for details or fill out the form on the contact me page.

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My first post!

Yay! I am excited to start blogging for the first time. I have started this blog for a number of reasons. Currently, the most important being I needed to know how to help my Mother in law with her blog and getting it to automatically post to Facebook.

The second reason is I have wanted to have a way to Journal online with photos etc. and easily be able to create a scrapbook from it. This solves that problem.

The third and final reason is to have a healthy blog where I can share my successes and recipes and help others find what I have found. Which is how to be healthy and be the right weight and size for your body. This is different for everyone, but I am so excited about a program that can help!